Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox Finn Lace Front Wig

FINN is a 16 inch wig with layered body waves, a razor cut a..

Vivica Fox Moore-V Wig

MOORE-V is an 8 inch pixie style with angle pointed sides. P..

Vivica Fox Orlando-V Lace Front Wig

ORLANDO-V is a 19 inch wig with very loose water waves. Its ..

Vivica Fox Skyler Wig

Color Shown: M1DP

SKYLER is a 29 inch straight style unit..

Vivica Fox Venus Lace Front Wig

VENUS is a 28 inch wig with layered straight style, side ski..

Vivica Fox Brie-V Wig

BRIE-V is a 21 inch straight top style with layered loose cu..

Vivica Fox Jamie Lace Front Wig

JAMIE is a 32 inch unit with a layered straight style, featu..

Vivica Fox Goldie-V Lace Front Wig

GOLDIE-V is an 18 inch layered style with roller set and spi..

Vivica Fox Lime Lace Front Wig

LIME is a 16 inch wig that is straightened at the scalp to t..

Vivica Fox Chilli-V Lace Front Wig

12″ Loose and Medium Mixed Spiral Curl Lace Front
Color s..

Vivica Fox Amy-V Wig

AMY-V is an 8 inch layered short pixie style with tapered ba..

Vivica Fox Athena Wig

ATHENA is a 19 inch straight wig with fringed ends and a fea..

Vivica Fox Bright-V Lace Front Wig

BRIGHT-V is a 23 inch layered loose body curl. Loose body cu..

Vivica Fox Autumn-V Wig

AUTUMN-V is a 15 inch wig with side zig zag part, straight t..

Vivica Fox Javant-V Lace Front Wig

JAVANT-V is a 23 inch layered straight style. Its high heat ..

Vivica Fox Garden Lace Front Wig

GARDEN is a 13 inch layered wrap style with swept bang. Its ..

Vivica Fox Kizzie Wig

KIZZIE is a 15 inch spiral curl unit with layered ends. Our ..

Vivica Fox Eloise Wig

ELOISE is a 13 inch angled chic and shaggy bob style with bo..

Vivica Fox Hayden-V Lace Front Wig

HAYDEN-V is a 10 inch classic bob style with layered feather..

Vivica Fox Jadore-V Lace Front Wig

JADORE-V is a 9 inch short style with roller set and pin cur..

Vivica Fox Leni-V Wig

LENI-V is a 10 inch classic bob style with feathered tips. C..

Vivica Fox Mika Wig

MIKA is a 10 inch layered spiral curl wig with an unbalanced..

Vivica Fox Charli-V Wig

CHARLI-V is an 18 inch layered straight style with curved en..

Vivica Fox Olivia-V Lace Front Wig

OLIVIA-V is a 25 inch style with very loose wave. Its high h..