Bling Strands Sizzling Red 100 Strands | 36"

Bling Strands Sizzling Red 100 Strands | 36″


Sparkling Sizzling Red, 100 strands per pack, 36″ long, enough for two hairstyles.

Red Bling Strands are tied in, so you can change them out when the mood suits.

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Product Description

No messy tools, glue or chemicals. You care for Red Blingstrands just like you would your own hair. YES, you can wash, blow dry, curl, and flat iron up to 400 degrees. Red Hair Tinsel, Red Hair Bling and Red Hair Extensions are other well known terms for the original Red Blingstrands.

Click here to watch a video on How to Tie Bling Strands into your hair.